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(KPP) Kavian Pardazan Poulad

According to its existential mission in the field of construction and installation of metal structures and types of reservoirs, Kavian Pouranad Polad Co. has succeeded in producing and installing several projects for thousands of tons. With the help of experienced managers and experts in the field of executive projects, using the specialized forces and advanced executive equipment, the Pulad Collection has been able to take important steps to meet the desired engineering standards. Achieving the high goals set in the quality and executive policy of the company is the key to the activities of all managers and personnel. The ability to supply and provide any bank guarantees located in the center of Iran and the appropriate distance to the industrial and economic centers of the country and the proximity to the railway station and the highway of Isfahan-Shiraz are other advantages of the Kavian-Pouranad Poolad company.

Lines of activity of company include:

– Design, construction and erection of different heavy and semi-heavy steel structures,
structures of high bolted buildings
– Design, manufacturing and erection of different industrial facilities for oil, gas,
petrochemical, steel and cement industries
– Design, construction and erection of different light and heavy steel bridges
– Design, manufacturing and commissioning of overhead, gantry, jib and column cranes
– Design, construction and erection of light heavy structures

فضای کارخانه کاویان پردازان پولاد
فضای کارخانه کاویان پردازان پولاد

Production and executive spaces

No. Description Measurement
1 Total area of the plant 21,000 m
2 Roofed halls equipped with heavy cranes 6,000 m
3 Unroofed areas equipped with gantry cranes 6,000 m
4 Roofed and unroofed areas for sandblast and painting operations 1,000 m
5 Materials depot and warehouse areas 4,000 m
6 Technical, engineering and administrative building of the plant 500 m

ظرفیت تولید سالانه 20.000 تن

Organizational Chart of Kavian Pardazan Poulad Company

Ph.D. 2 persons
Masters degree 2 persons
Bachelors degree 10 persons
Technician 4 persons

Some of our certificates

تقدیرنامه‌های شرکت کاویان پردازان پولاد
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